Layertech’s CloudCT Joins FeedbackLabs 2021 FTA Fellows

Layertech Labs developed the Cloud City Feedback Analytics Portal in 2018, in partnership with Bicol University, Southern Luzon Tech. College, and the City Government of Legazpi, with the support of Center for International Private Enterprise’ InnovateGov program.

FeedbackLabs, a Washington DC-based organization, launched the Feedback Tools Accelerator, which aims to bolster the growth and development of feedback tools. Layertech’s Cloud City joins the 7 cohorts of FTA for 2021.

Cloud City is designed to systematically collect feedback in three ways:

  1. Thru LGU/Institution defined structured feedback forms
  2. Thru social media scraping on Government and other Public Pages (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  3. Thru manual survey collection and manual digitization

The feedback runs through a series of filtering mechanisms and is visualized in a public dashboard for issue monitoring. Additional visualized insights are accessible and forwarded to LGUs and partner institutions for data-driven and decision-making. The partner organizations and LGUs are likewise expected to submit bi-monthly reports on how they addressed the issues raised in the feedback.

Similarly, the backend of the system is continuously being improved, developed, and maintained by Layertech and by partner state universities and research groups, for credibility scoring, privacy, and anonymization mechanisms.

Cloud City is currently scaling out to at least four more organizations, governments this 2021. A re-launch of the consolidated public portal is scheduled for August 2021, with new partners on board!

Learn more about the FeedbackLabs FTA Fellows for 2021:

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