Layertech and Partner Presents Feedback Analytics Study on International Congress on Information Communications Technology ICICT UK

Dr. Lany Maceda, Associate Professor of Bicol University presented the research paper that she co-authored with Layertech’s President, Frei Sangil at the Internation Congress on Information Communications Technology (ICICT UK). The study was under the Feedback Accelerator Programme of FeedbackLabs in 2021, wherein Layertech was a member of.

The study was first conducted as a part of Layertech’s partnership with Makati Business Club’s Digital Democracy Programme, wherein Layertech analyzed citizen feedback data relating to various policy topics of local government participants in the programme.

As part of Layertech’s commitment to partner faculty, researchers and academic institutions, Layertech supported the writing, peer-review, and publication of the methods used in the analysis runs. Furthermore, Layertech and partners aim to make the methods public as a public reference which researchers, other institutions may use, review, and build on.

For more information about the various analysys reports under the project, please visit

Please revisit this page for the DOI once the paper is published in Springer Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems (Springer LNNS). For a copy of the paper, please e-mail

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