Girls Code! Celebrating Women’s day with Learning Packages for Girl Coders

In partnership with Florida-based learning organization, Kaisipan, Inc., Layertech launched the Girls Code program, to encourage young girls to learn coding. Each recipient was given a full Parallel Coder Learn2Code package, complete with character goodies, a Learn2Code Coder’s handbook activity book, free shirt, and stationery! Included in the packages are FREE access to two courses, Learn2Code for Beginners and Learn2Code Python. Both courses are self-paced e-workshop courses with certificates.

In addition, the girls’ progress was monitored, and they were asked to share a few thoughts about coding and why girls should learn how to code:

Because like anyone else, we also have to be trained in being innovative and build something good with coding that can help our community!”

– Jael Lao-e

“I believe girls should learn to code so we can also have the same opportunities as boys in learning about coding and technology, I want to grow up and become a game developer someday!”

– Carlie Anglo

“Girls should learn how to code because its FUN! And you can pass time and it might be useful to you in the future as well.”

– Cassandra Paza

“Coding allows me to keep on learning new things, solve tasks, and have fun!”

– Jeraldine Llovido

To further encourage the kids, Layertech sought the advice and thoughts of successful women in computing. Some of their thoughts are:

“Girls who code are key to a brighter future!”

– Dr. Maria Beebe
President. Kaisipan Inc.

“Learning the language of machines is a big advantage in this digital age!”

– Frei Sangil
President, Layertech Labs

“Girls who code are great problem solvers!”

– Dr. Lany Maceda
Associate Professor, Bicol University

“When girls excel in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), they become more confident. They Succeed! Let’s be the voice that lifts!”

– Mylene Abiva
President, Felta Inc.

“When girls take on a career in tech, they inevitably influence the future and create change in the world.”

– JA Santos-Sierszula
Founder, Hero and Betsy

“Coding teaches girls to keep on trying until they reach their desired results. Learning how to code while they are still young will help prepare them for a successful future!”

– Dr. Jen Llovide, Bicol University

All Kaisipan-endorsed institutions are given 50% DISCOUNT for all the Learn2Code Package series, as well as non-profit projects supporting marginalized children. For more information, please visit our learning portal or e-mail

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