Layertech Joins CIPE in Conducting Papua New Guinea MSME Digitalization Training

Layertech Labs joins the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE) in conducting a “Training of Facilitators” to select professionals and trainers in Port Morseby, Papua New Guinea on December 5-7, 2023. The three-day training was designed to equip select facilitators in Papua New Guinea with the capacity and tools to effectively conduct training sessions of CIPE’s “Harnessing the Power of the Digital Economy” (HPDE) certification course.

Layertech Labs sharing the objectives, contents, and KPIs of the HPDE course

The Harnessing the Power of the Digital Economy course is currently being translated into Tok Pisin, the official and most widely used language in Papua New Guinea. The facilitators also explored the Tok Pisin version of the HPDE course and shared their thoughts and feedback to further improve the translated course materials.

CIPE, Layertech, and the Participants of the HPDE Course Training of Facilitators

At the end of the three-day session, the facilitators shared their custom training plans for their localized HPDE course rollouts for the year 2024.

To learn more about the Harnessing the Power of the Digital Economy Course, you may visit HERE.

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