Layertech Presents OCDex and Public Data Analytics with Partners and Attendees of the 12th ICT4D Conference in Accra, Ghana

Joining the International Republican Institute’s cohort, Layertech shared Project OCDex and the new OCDex: Public Data Analytics Workshop designed for Local Governments and Civil Society Organizations. Layertech presented various points for collaboration on the use of the OCDex PDA workshop.

In the same week, Layertech also presented OCDex and its implementation strategies at the 12th ICT4D Conference, under the session “The Power and Possibilities of Locally-Driven Digitalization.” The global conference explores how Information Communication Technology for Development (ICT4D) and data innovations are making a measurable difference in millions of peoples’ lives and increasing the impact of humanitarian relief, development, and conservation projects.

Layertech is joined by Civic Voices (Nigeria), Red de Innovacion Local (Argentina), and Commit Global (Netherlands).

Learn more about the new OCDex: Public Data Analytics Course HERE. Check out the OCDEX PROJECT HERE

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