Layertech’s OCDex Joins CivicTech Innovators in Session at World Smart City Congress in Barcelona, Spain

Frei Sangil presents the Project OCDex at the World Smart City Expo Session

Layertech labs joins the session “Innovation from the Ground Up: Civil Society as Drivers of Governance”, at the World Smart City Congress held in Barcelona, Spain, on November 16, 2022. The session was hosted by the International Republican Institute (IRI), with speakers from the Philippines, Malaysia, Peru, Greece, and Mexico.

The six innovators from six different countries presented their CivicTech projects and the impact they made on the community. Session attendees asked the participants questions on sustainability, community engagement, and technology.

When asked for tips on how to sustain CivicTech innovations, especially in challenging areas, Frei Sangil answered:

“Three things– Technology, Education, and Policy. You need a technology that ‘works’ for the context; A capacitated user-base; And, an enabling environment which means you have champions in the government and enabling policies in place.”

Frei Sangil, Data Scientist and President
Civic Tech Innovators Answering Questions from the Audience on Civic Technology

The World Smart City Congress showcased various innovations, projects, and successes in creating smart cities all over the world.

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