Layertech Joins Core Group of UN-ILO’s Skills Innovation Network

The International Labor Organization (ILO)’s Skills Innovation Network is a global network of skills innovators, which includes ILO Constituents, TVET institutions, academia, and development practitioners. Created in November 2020, the “Core Group” is composed of a selected group of top innovators in the skills challenge call. Layertech joins the core group, with the organization’s efforts to collect, process, and analyze data on the mapping ‘skills gap’ in the digital age. Furthermore, Layertech advocates for inclusive digital transformation and releases both studies, software, and training materials (with partner academia and organizations) to help address the ‘skills gap’ in the digital age.

Screenshot of virtual meeting take from ILO website

The ILO Skills Innovation Facility recognizes the importance of building a strong innovation ecosystem in order to turn ideas to impact.

For more information about the network visit the ILO Website and Follow the LinkedIN Page for updates.

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