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Electronics Exploration! Learn2Code Hardware Series

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Get started on your Electronics journey with Chu, Caly, and Flare! In today’s world of ‘Internet of Things’, knowledge on both software AND hardware is getting more and more valuable!

This self-paced course will teach you key concepts about ELECTRICITY, ELECTRONICS, and how to MAKE YOUR VERY OWN, WORKING CIRCUITS (Using an actual breadboard and real electronics components)!

 Մոդուլ 1 – Electricity and Electronics Basic Concepts (Voltage, Current, Ohm’s law, and more!)

Մոդուլ 2 – Introduction to Electronic Components

Մոդուլ 3 – E-Workshop! Build your own circuits and mini motor vehicle!

With quizzes and activities!

Recommended Age:

This module is designed for students ages 12 and above. Younger students can also try but the SUPERVISION OF A GUARDIAN is required! For students who are minors, parents and guardians should supervise their kids as they will be handling electronic components. 

Electronics Exploration Kit:

If you purchased the Electronics Exploration Kit (with an included breadboard, components, and other goodies), please note that the box contains small parts that are not suitable for kids 10 years old and below. We suggest you also check the contents of the box and supervise your kids as they explore the world of electronics. 🙂

Course Duration:

After enrolling, you have THREE MONTHS to complete the course!

Group Purchase and Facilitation:

We also partner with schools and learning institutions! If you are interested in a bulk purchase, we give special discounts for group buys! Do e-mail for more information 😉

Have fun learning, have fun exploring! 🙂

HOW TO GET STARTED? Watch this video:

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