Digital Democracy: Analyzing Citizen Feedback for Intramuros Administration

Through the Digital Democracy programme of Makati Business Club (MBC) and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), Layertech Labs’ CloudCity Feedback Analytics Group preprocessed and analyzed the 2-week citizen feedback data from stakeholders of Intramuros Administration (IA), to help inform IA in the pedestrianization of Heneral Luna street.

The pedestrianization of Heneral Luna street is part of the agenda of the Intramuros Administration in order to protect the structural integrity of the San Agustin church, promote tourism, and preserve the historical and cultural value of Intramuros. To inform policy and implementation, an online survey and consultations were conducted to understand public sentiment about this initiative. Using Pol.Is as the primary data collection tool and Facebook comments as a secondary feedback collection tool, the survey ran for a total of 16 days, from July 7, 2021, to July 23, 2021. The Pol.Is tool has a total of 47 initial statements related to the main topic, and respondents voted either ‘agree’, ‘disagree’, or ‘pass’ for each statement.

 A total of 1014 respondents submitted their votes via Pol.Is, and a total of 433 qualitative comments were scraped from Facebook and’ open message box. After tabulation and analysis, the results were presented in the closing citizen assembly on July 28, 2021.

To know more about the results of the survey, go to our Cloud City Portal:

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