Layertech’s Innovation Bags Champion Award for 2015 National E-Gov Award for Legazpi City (G2C)

Balangay is Legazpi City’s winning entry for 2016 eGOV awards for customer empowerment. Resiliency is the key.

The National Information Communications Technology (ICT) Confederation of the Philippines, thru the annual E-Gov Awards, recognizes Local Governments Units with outstanding practices on the use of ICT in Governance.

Legazpi city wins champion award in customer empowerment category for the use of ICT in disaster management, with an information system made by innovators from Layertech Software Labs.

” The G2C category recognizes the measurable effect of an LGU’s outstanding practices using ICT solutions in the education and engagement of the public and in the use of electronic facilities and channels towards providing improved, timely and relevant delivery of public services. “

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