Layertech Joins ACM Women in Computing Asia Pacific Celebration 2021 – Keynote

Women in the field of Science and Technology, Computing, Information Communications Technology, are still outnumbered by men. Little girls in many parts of the world are still unable to access education, due to socio-cultural barriers. To this day, the “Digital Gender Divide” is still a challenge advocates from all over the world are struggling to bridge.

Attended by hundreds of participants from all over Asia-Pacific and outside countries, the virtual conference, aims to celebrate women both in the academe and industry, working on impactful computing research and development.

Layertech’s Frei Sangil joins Dr. Ming Zhang and Dr. Nova Ahmed in the keynote speeches, sharing results of recent Layertech studies on Mechanism Design, ground-ICT implementation lessons, and best practices.

Layertech’s Frei Sangil talks about data, mechanism design, and implementation lessons from the ground
Dr. Ming Zhang of Peking University, China, talks about graph representation learning for Drug Discovery
Dr. Nova Ahmed of North South University, Bangladesh, talks about her personal journey as a woman in the field of computing

The conference is organized by ACM-W Asia-Pacific Committee (ACM-WAP) in association with the National University, Manila, Philippines, and the Computing Society of the Philippines – Special Interest Group on Women in Computing (CSP SIG-WiC).

The virtual event was hosted by National University, Computing Faculty.
Photo Credits to Mr. Joseph Imperial

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