Layertech at InnovateGov National Summit

Layertech CEO Frei Sangil joins Ayala Corporation Director Guillermo “Bill” Luz, moderated by Institute of Solidarity in Asia (ISA) Chief Staff Officer Mr. Marianito Palaña, in a panel discussion on the role of science, technology, and innovation in good governance.

Layertech CEO Frei Sangil and Ayala Corporation Director and ISA Fellow Guillermo Luz talking about Science and Technology in Governance

We want local scientists, local researchers, to use local datasets, and help their local governments solve local challenges. No one knows the context better than the residents! More than anyone, they have the experience, the understanding, and echoing Mr. Alkebsi, they have the ‘initiative’. Because its their home.

– Frei Sangil

Layertech stresses the importance of capacitating local researchers to use LGU data to jointly solve challenges in the community.

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