SPED Kids Code Python: Learn2Code Collaboration with Kaisipan and DepEd Manila

Layertech Labs’ Learn2Code series (Premium E-Learning + Mobile Games) were given to select Special Education (SPED) students, endorsed by partner Kaisipan Inc and DepEd Manila. The SPED students, in a span of 2 weeks, finished two full coding courses in Basic Coding (Logic, Algorithm, and Familiarization) and Python Programming course.

DepEd Manila School Division Superintendent Ms. Maria Magdalena M. Lim

Kaisipan Inc is a Florida-based organization, with the mission to promote learning and education in Filipino students and teachers, using digital technologies. Kaisipan entered into a partnership with the Department of Education Division of City Schools Manila (DepEd Manila), represented by its school’s division superintendent, Maria Magdalena M. Lim.

DepEd Manila SPED Teacher Ms. Mary Ann Perdon

DepEd Manila SPED teacher Mary Ann Perdon facilitated the training, following strict protocols to ensure a safe online environment with SPED students.

“Not any person with autism, but certainly, there will be such capable individuals. As you may know already, capabilities among autistics are many of varying levels. The capacity to learn, which you refer to, is also within the capabilities of certain autistics. An assessment of the person’s capabilities would be important and at the least helpful.” – Dr. Lirio Covey, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University Medical Center, Founder and President at Association for Adults with Autism Philippines

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The SPED learners sent several thank you videos, pictures, along with updates on their learning experience to Kaisipan and Layertech team. What stood out is how the modules/games were able to function even in low-bandwidth and offline connections.

SPED Students Coding with the Parallel Coder Learn2Code E-Workshop+Mobile Games, and after Receiving their FREE Goodie Boxes for Successfully Completing the Workshop

Layertech is currently working on more initiatives, on teaching kids, SPED kids, and kids from marginalized communities key competencies in the digital age such as coding.

For more information about the coding courses, visit our E-Learning Section. Download Parallel Coder: Isekai Coding Adventure for FREE (and OFF-LINE) <DOWNLOAD HERE> for Android!

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