Layertech’s CloudCT project partners with PNPRO5 in the Conduct and Analysis of its Community Engagement Survey

The Philippine National Police Regional Office 5 (PNPRO5) is mandated to enforce the law, prevent and control crimes, maintain peace and order, and ensure public safety and internal security while maintaining a strong partnership with stakeholders. PNPRO5 is committed to ensuring that its efforts to keep the community safe and secure are relevant to and felt by the community. With this, the PNPRO5, partnered with the CloudCT project to conduct a community engagement survey to better understand how they can make their efforts more effective and relevant to the community’s needs.

The survey uses Google Forms to collect feedback, using a revamped, standard questionnaire. The feedback data collected is pre-processed, analyzed, visualized, and presented to the chiefs of the agency. The final report is set to be uploaded to the CloudCT portal for transparency and further feedback from stakeholders.

Photo credits to PNPRO5

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