Layertech wins award at iCount 2016 for MediX

Battle Medix Arena: HIV/AIDS Mapping Game for Youth

2016 iCount competition by The PACT and UNAIDS selected Layertech’s “Project Medix: HIV Awareness and Mapping Game” as one of the three honorable mentions. The announcement was made via e-Mail on May 23, 2016.

MediX is an online platform accessible PUBLICLY through BROWSER-BASED and MOBILE apps, which aims to give fast and reliable access to the following:

> An easy to understand Encyclopedia about Reproductive Health and Health in general. (With the option to be written in local language. Tagalog for the Philippines)

> An online Directory of ACCREDITED, LEGITIMATE clinics, pharmacies and health centers where they can set appointments remotely.

> A forum where they can share stories, experiences and questions about their health.

MediX is ‘disguised’ as a game, wherein users can create their account, customize their avatars and ‘battle’ with other players to increase their level, earn points and get cool avatars in a quest to be the King of the Battle MediX Arena.

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