Layertech Receives Recognition from the Philippine National Police RO5, at the 28th Police Community Relations Month Culminating Ceremony

Layertech’s Award was Received by Data Scientist Frei Sangil, handed over by PBGEN Westrimundo Obinque

Layertech Software Labs, Inc., represented by President and Data Scientist Frei Sangil, was awarded by the Philippine National Police RO5 with Stakeholder Recognition Plaque at the 28th Police Community Relations Month Culminating Ceremony. Layertech partners with the PNPRO5, through the CloudCT project, which regularly collects and analyzes citizen feedback data using digital tools to inform inclusive decision-making and community engagement strategies.

The CloudCT Project is a network of partner universities, researchers, civil society organizations, government agencies, and local government units, which aims to leverage ICT platforms and data mining techniques to analyze citizen feedback and inform local government policymaking and decision-making. The CloudCT project promotes citizen participation, transparency, and inclusive and data-driven governance.

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