enero 6, 2019

Color E-Meter : Color Perception Evaluator

With the help of color experts in the industry, LTech developed the Color E-Meter, a lightweight, convenient toolkit to help designers and professionals in the color industry evaluate, test, and practice color mixing, matching, and visual color judgement. This tool focuses on evaluating color in the presence of external factors, which is crucial in product development and in ensuring customer satisfaction.

This toolkit is designed with the following target users in mind: quality control officers, designers, printing and prototyping businesses, eye test evaluators, businesses and customers alike working in the color-industry.

The Color E-Meter has three main functions:

  1. Color Formulation – Users can practice and test their skills by trying to formulate a target color using the CIELAB color space basic color panels. With the challenge feature, users may track their progress through time. Users can formulate their own colors and share the exact formula to their colleagues.
  2. Eye Test – Users may assess their visual color judgement using the in-app assessment feature. At the end of the test, users will be given an evaluation indicating their specific strengths and weaknesses in color recognition. This is also perfect for testing quality control officers and professionals involved in judgement of colors.
  3. Live Color Compare – This feature allows live comparison of actual objects. Get two objects and assess the color difference between the two. Check if the two are similar in color and to what extent. Share the results in one click to your colleagues, via email or social networking apps.

Device Requirements:

Minimum Device Requirement = Android 5.0 (LOLLIPOP)
Recommended Device Requirement = Android 8.1 (OREO)
Bundle/APK Size = 5mb

Also, please note that in the “Live Compare” feature, the accuracy will depend on the resolution of your camera and the environment of your actual sample. Actual testing were made on 13-megapixel camera phones.

Download Color E-Meter on: 

Google Play and Amazon App Store


For support issues, questions, bulk purchase and discount:

Please send an email to support@layertechlab.com or go to our “Contact US” section.

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