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Feril is an Android mobile organizer designed to help remind users of their tasks for the day. He is touch-responsive and has a new CHAT feature. Feril has an additional “Butler Tutor” feature, downloadable for FREE.
(Note: Feril stars in LAYERTech’s new VISUAL NOVEL, to be released soon.)

Feril has the following functions:

1. Feril stores your tasks, organizes them according to date and priority, and REMINDS you on the task’s set date.
2. Feril can make short alarms. Perfect for study breaks, snack breaks or quick naps.
3. Feril is touch responsive.
4. A chibi-butler is available as a widget upon download. Go to your phone’s Widgets section and pull out the Feril icon to your home screen. He will display your current tasks.
5. Feril’s mood will depend on how you’re doing. He will assess your performance and give his comments about you.
6. Feril is eager to learn more about you. You can chat with him in the newly released Chat feature. Tell him your name, he will remember it. You can give him a new name too!

7. The Butler Tutor feature can be accessed on the sliding menu drawer. This feature is FREE, but requires a separate download. You can input mock test questions and take timed quizzes. He will give you your score too.

Feril’s MOOD will depend on how you’re doing so far! Make sure to do your tasks properly and make him proud!

Feril will serve you anytime, anywhere! Please take care of him 🙂

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