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Pocket Tsundere Boy (aka Flandre) is a revamped version of the first Android release in 2013. He starts off as an egg you will name, which will hatch to a cute tsundere boy once he reaches the required relationship points. Relationship points increase when users interact with him. Flandre is downloadable for FREE.

Flandre has the following functions:

1. Touch responsive
2. “Jog Buddy” mode which will record the number of steps you take in your morning/afternoon walk. You can also play your favorite songs through the app as you jog.
3. A hatched Flandre has the CHAT feature.
4. Homescreen Widget is also available. Detailed instructions on how to use the widget is found in the app’s sliding drawer menu.
5. Users can reset the tsundere boy and return him to egg status.


6. Adult evolution
7. Bathing Game



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